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What Is It About Your Best People That Sets Them Apart?

Pittari’s technology collects and analyzes employee data to create top-performer reference points (“benchmarks”) for hiring and retention, transforming your managers from opinion-centric to data-driven.

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Hiring and Retention
Challenges Stem From Opinion-Centric Practices

Ask ten managers what sets their best people apart and you’ll get ten different answers. It’s only human to look for patterns based on your own experiences. The problem? It allows unconscious bias to creep into decision-making, resulting in a lack of decision consistency and hiring diversity.

To improve hiring and retention practices at scale, your managers need to be informed by a consistent set of data - benchmarks that measure the differences between individuals and the ideal profile. Remember, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Accelerate Growth With Data-Driven Efficiency

Amazing things happen when conversations about people are grounded in data instead of opinions. Just look at the results:

Computer and Network Security Company, 5,000 Employees


Increase in overall performance

Financial Services Company, 1,400 Employees


Decrease in time to hire

Staffing & Recruiting Company, 4,000 Employees


Decrease in involuntary attrition

How It works

Pittari Is Your Quickest Path to a Data-Driven Culture

Generate amazing insights that managers will actually understand

Internal Benchmarking

Internal Benchmarking is the process of looking within your own organization to determine the best process and practices. We focus on helping our customers improve employee performance and retention by delivering pre- and post-hire recommendations to managers. In order to do that, we start by taking a close look at success patterns amongst your people. What makes them tick and what characteristics tend to lead to success.

Diagram showing the training data, test inputs, and outputs involved in Pittari's Benchmarking process

How it Works

The tools and techniques to understand people have been around for decades. But to make use of them at enterprise scale requires investments in psychometric testing, high-priced consultants, a team of data scientists, manager training and of course, time. Pittari automates the process of collecting consistent people data and uses machine learning to create sophisticated benchmarks that integrate into your workflows. The result - scalable employee benchmarking at a fraction of the cost that deploy in days, not months. Most importantly, we’ve conquered the Enterprise Change Management challenge - no training required.

Products Designed For Adoption

Embrace the Three Cardinal Rules for Building a Data-Driven Culture

1) Don’t make managers become analysts, translate the analysis into recommendations

2) Don’t make managers learn new systems, just show up in places they already live

3) Don’t take away a manager’s decision-making power, just make their decisions more well-informed

Fit Reports – Predict Candidate Success

When a candidate is evaluated with a benchmark, managers don’t just recieve a score – that’s not useful. Instead they recieve a Fit Report with content fully tailored to the candidate. This report comes with custom interview questions, evaluation criteria, descriptions of strengths and weaknesses for the role.  Managers get specific recommendations on how to evaluate risks.

Retention Reports – Anticipate Attrition Before it Happens

Tired of key employee suprise resignations? Benchmarks don’t only predict future performance for candidates, but also retention for current employees. When a benchmark sees that a current employee is about to become a flight risk, it alerts managers and delivers a Retention Report.  This report comes with a summary of how the retention probability has changed, tips to eliminate risks, and the digital tools to take action.

Scorecards – Interview Based On What Matters

Benchmarks can be built with data from Pittari’s assessment or from scorecard data you generate yourself. The problem with most interview scorecards is you have no way to know if what your scoring for actually predicts future performance and retention. With Pittari’s benchmark-powered scorecards, managers get a collaborative environment for panel interviewing.  And the attributes you’re scoring are continuously validated and weighted to improve the accuracy of hiring decisions.

Team Analysis – Reverse-Engineer Success

While other benchmarking solutions offer statistically valid recommendations, they often lack trust because of poor transparency. With Pittari’s Team Analysis, you can see the ‘explanations’ for any predictions, and how an individual is scored. No more ‘black-box’ predictions!

Enhanced Meetings – Inject Insights When and Where They're Needed

It’s hard to stay on top of your coaching responsibilities as you jump from putting one fire out to another.  Making sure your people feel valued, fulfilled and challenged can often take a back seat. With Pittari’s Enhanced Meeting Manager, employee Check-In requests are automated to ensure 1:1’s happen, they are well prepared for and they are used as a springboard to action.  Managers get personalized recommendations to help them stay aligned with unspoken challenges their employees may be facing.

KFORCE optimizes each region’s approach to staffing with Pittari

"With Pittari, we’re able to discover the ambitions and motivations of our candidates and match them to our success model. We can confidently make hiring decisions knowing who will be most likely to align to our culture, adopt our goals, and overall succeed at their role."

Andrew Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer – KFORCE


Recommended by Leaders at the Most Data-Centric Organizations

For leaders who already care about data, Pittari’s Benchmarking opens up a new playground for optimization

Zscaler takes on performance and retention with data-driven hiring

“With Pittari, our Sales Development team has improved hiring success by more than 25% with near zero attrition. We help give managers clear sight to the person behind the resume for smarter hiring decisions, and a head start with coaching – all without bias.”

Jon Gainey

Sr Director of Global SDRs – Zscaler


With KPI Data, Create Performance and Retention Benchmarks for Any Role


Headcount is the number one driver of topline growth. Use benchmarks to optimize for people who will succeed and stick around.

Customer Service

Who connects with your customers and can take the heat? Be clear about it and deploy Benchmarks for both inbound and outbound teams.


Bring better candidates to the table by screening 10x the people. All while eliminating bias and reducing time-to-hire.

Image showing Pittari's integrations with mail, calendar, data visualization tools, ats, and crm

Out-Of-The-Box Integration With Your Favorite Tools

Pittari can either be deployed stand alone or make your existing solutions all the more powerful

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