Good Interview, Bad Hire?

Use Pittari to measure a candidate’s fit for a role, prepare interviewers, and eliminate bias.

Hire based on facts, not opinions.

Pittari helps managers make confident and accurate hiring decisions. By using psychometric assessments, scorecards, and machine learning, managers can use data to inform their hiring choices. This means less bias, better success rates, and a faster hiring process.

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Find out which candidates preferences are well aligned with a job

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Consistently evaluate the job skills required for a role 

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Ensure that decision criteria and interviews are free from bias

Here's what it looks like...

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Candidate Scoring

Know the risks before you hire

Do you often realize that a new employee isn't a good fit for the job after they have started working? With Pittari, you can avoid this problem. By using unbiased benchmarks and machine learning, Pittari can help evaluate job candidates and identify any potential challenges they may face in specific roles. This does two things: one, it informs smarter hiring decisions and two, it leads a manager to coaching priorities which improves the likelihood of success.

Fit reports

Fight interview bias

Do interviewers sometimes let their personal opinions or expectations cloud their judgment when selecting candidates? Pittari can help with that. By analyzing data for each candidate, Pittari enriches a manager’s opinions with facts. This allows them to focus on exploring objective risks related to each candidate.

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Standardize and scrutinize your selection process

Are you confident that the skills you're looking for in a candidate are the ones that actually lead to job success? Pittari's "panel" scorecards can help you standardize how you evaluate candidates, analyze how effective those skills are at predicting success, and improve your recruitment process as needed.

Here's what our customers have to say...

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“With Pittari, we’re able to discover the ambitions and motivations of our candidates and match them to our success model. We can confidently make hiring decisions knowing who will be most likely to align to our culture, adopt our goals, and overall succeed at their role.”

Andrew Thomas
Chief Marketing Officer
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