Did your top performer just resign out of the blue?

Use Pittari to prevent surprise resignations with data. Understand why people quit, detect the warning signs sooner, and pull out all the stops before it’s too late.

An image of an email containing a Retention Alert for an employee who is likely to become a retention risk in the next 6 months

It’s not just business, it’s personal.

Departing employees often cite financial reasons in exit interviews, prompting companies to improve compensation and benefits. However, money is rarely ever the root cause of their departure. In reality, each employee has their own emotional triggers for quitting. With Pittari, managers get the insights they need to pick up on the warning signs sooner, and provide the coaching needed to to keep their top performers longer.

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Understand people and the personal challenges they face in a job

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Captivate employees with meaningful manager relationships

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Build a culture around coaching and career development

Here's what it looks like...

An image of an employee's expected retention curve, and a warning when their probability of retention is about to drop rapidly
Retention Reports

Warn managers about employees who are retention risks

Don't let employees quitting catch you off guard. With Pittari, you can better predict when it might happen. Use benchmarks to spot when an employee might be thinking about leaving, then prompt their manager to take action.

Fit Flags

Identify and address negative job stressors

Pittari knows the underlying risks that may drive attrition for every person on the team. Managers get very specific clues on what it could take to prevent each team member from hading in a surprise resignation. This means all managers can react quickly and effectively across the organization.

An image showing Fit Flags for employees on a team; these are factors that would likely drive their attrition
An image representing role-based competencies that managers can use to drive career development and retention
Role- Based Competencies

Help them master the current role

When an employee is good at their job and enjoys the work, they’re less likely to resign. But what about an average performer who is struggling to improve? Do they tough it out, or do they go find another job where performance comes more naturally? Pittari can help by providing guidance on how to improve at every level of performance. With role-based competencies, employees and managers get detailed advice on what they need to do to boost performance. This way, each employee has an equal chance to taste success.

Career development meetings

Go all in on career development

If employees feel like they're stuck in their career, they might consider quitting. However, with Pittari, employees always feel like they’re moving forward. They can learn and grow at their own speed with tools to help them set goals, track their progress, and get the attention of managers and mentors. That way, they can get ready for their next job and not feel like they're stuck in the current one.

An image representing what career development initiatives look like in Pittari
A headshot of a customer who uses Pittari to help drive employee retention

“With its powerful analytics and insights, we've been able to identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to address them. As a result, we've achieved near zero negative attrition and our sales development reps are happier and more motivated than ever before. This software has truly been a game-changer for our business."

Jon Gainey
Global SDR Leader
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